Avoid These Tripod Trip Ups!


Avoid These Tripod Trip Ups!
I have a new article published today on Photofocus, titled “Avoid These Tripod Trip Ups!”. Here’s sneakpeek…

“Most photographers will tell you that a good tripod is one of the most important equipment investments you can make for your photography.  But, just owning one isn’t enough to give you better pictures.  You have to have the right one to fit your photography, as well as know how to use it properly.  

For as much time as we spend discussing and dissecting our settings, we often don’t think about the physical mechanics of how we take pictures.  Over the years of running photo workshops and pursuing my own photos, I have seen many mistakes and mishaps with tripods, some resulting in pretty serious damage to pricey gear.  These are some of the most common I’ve encountered (or accidentally committed), so you can avoid not only the pain of a missed shot, but worse, a toppled tripod and a crashed camera.   …”

Check out the rest of the article at this link: Avoid These Tripod Trip Ups!

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