This is the third part of my series on using the service If This Then That (IFTTT) for your photography workflow and business.  You check it out on Photofocus at this link:  IFTTT for Photographers – Part 3: Managing Your

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My latest article is up on!  I tested a new plugin for Lightroom that pulls keywords based on a visual analysis of your image by Google, really cool stuff, that will only get better as the tech improves.  Check

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Really happy to see Photofocus publish this article I wrote! Its one I had been thinking of for some time, great to see it in print. As the (insert amazing wild animal of choice here) steps out of the edge

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I love technology and innovation, and thanks to it, the amazing things we can do in photography. But, like many photographers, I confess to excessive grumbling about the amount of time spent in front of the computer and away from

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Are you new to IFTT? Then check out this article For many of us in photography, keeping up with the business side is probably not at the top of our list of fun things to do. Realistically, most of us

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Just had my first official article as a contributor on published. Titled “Photography in the Fog — Photofocus“, I cover tips and techniques on how to make great fog photos in what are often challenging conditions . Really excited

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  Like many people, my first few years of photography were spent going out to shoot as much as possible and trying to learn everything I could about  the subject.  As my portfolio grew, and I started sharing my images

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I’ve been working on a project this summer with some antique cameras, something for me to do on all the rainy days we’ve had so far this year (Yes , there will be an article on ideas for rainy day

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