Five Tips and Techniques for Taking Lightning Photos


Five Tips and Techniques for Taking Lightning Photos
I have a new article published today on Photofocus, titled “Five Tips and Techniques for Taking Lightning Photos”. Here’s a sneakpeek…

“The beauty and power of lightning has fascinated me since I was a kid. So it should probably not have been a surprise I would end up in Florida, the lightning capital of the United States. My home lies in an area that has received the distinction of being called “Lightning Alley”, with more strikes per square mile recorded annually in the corridor from Tampa to Titusville than anywhere else in the US, the second most world-wide!  

Despite having the possibility of lightning nearly any day of the year, it’s still a difficult thing to find and photograph successfully. It’s also an extremely dangerous thing to photograph, it’s by far the number one cause of weather related deaths in my neck of the woods. These tips and techniques will help keep you safe, while helping you get a crack at capturing those bolts out of the blue! …”

Check out the rest of the article at this link: Five Tips and Techniques for Taking Lightning Photos

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