The Key to Studio Lighting – Jambalaya

_G0C7271I’ve been working on a project this summer with some antique cameras, something for me to do on all the rainy days we’ve had so far this year (Yes , there will be an article on ideas for rainy day photography coming up!).  I’ve played with a lot of continuous lighting ideas, here’s one of my favorites, and the simplest so far.

The light is a $20 hot shoe LED light for video with a warming filter that I grabbed off eBay.  I wanted something warm for the color versions that would give a nice even side light for the back and white versions, and this seemed to do the trick.

But the key to this whole set up has to be the Zatarain’s Jambalaya box.   All kidding aside, I needed something to lift the light up a bit so I hit the pantry and grabbed some boxes that were about the right size.  I am a big believer in quick, low cost solutions!  Sure I could have broke out all kinds of stands and holders, or placed an order to the camera store for another gadget to hold the light in place.  But when I have a creative idea for a shot I would rather find a solution than make excuses for why I can’t get the shot in my head.

For me, a large part of the fun in photography is figuring how to get the image.  Once I have previsualized that image it becomes an inner game on how to realize it.  Whether its using the terrain and light to approach an Osprey feeding on a fish without spooking it, or using household goods to get  the light angle right on my antique cameras, the fun is in solving the problem.  And then seeing your results over a piping hot bowl of Jambalaya.

Brownie Close up   _G0C7285-Edit Brownie in Black and White




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