Photographer of the Day: Dawna Moore


Photographer of the Day: Dawna Moore
I have a new article published today on Photofocus, titled “Photographer of the Day: Dawna Moore”. Here’s a sneakpeek…

“If you would like to experience a beautiful vision of a vintage holiday, look no further then this image, “GMC Christmas” by  Dawna Moore.  Part holiday cheer, part nostalgia, it’s a warmly lit scene featuring Christmas decorations along with a nice slice of Americana.  Beyond these elements, the composition and lighting are excellent, from the technical choices with aperture to create the starbursts on the Christmas lights, to the balance of complimentary colors with the reds and greens.  The portrait orientation of the photo helps simplify a busy scene, placing the focus on the wreath and letting your eye travel throughout the frame to take in all the detail. …”

Check out the rest of the article at this link: Photographer of the Day: Dawna Moore

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