Photographer of the Day: Dean Holland


It’s been fun selecting the street photography photographer of the day the last few month’s at Photofocus.  But, it has also taught me a lot, sifting through a couple hundred shots each week, to find that one that resonates.  One of the best ways to grow as a photographer is to critique and be critiqued.   It can be a real challenge to  communicate what it is about a photo that moves you.  But, it makes you more aware of those qualities that make a photo stand out, and better able to include them in your own work.

Category: Street Photography Photograph: Untitled by Dean Holland Dean Holland’s Untitled image is a great example of a “decisive moment”, as the man looks away from his phone to take in the scene before him. We all know how much technology affects our lives, so many of us seem glued to our smart phone screens…

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