Photographer of the Day: Pierre Pichot


Photographer of the Day: Pierre Pichot
I have a new article published today on Photofocus, titled “Photographer of the Day: Pierre Pichot”. Here’s a sneakpeek…

“One of the most powerful aspects of photography is its ability elicit emotions in us.  But, our emotions can also change how we perceive an image. The first time I saw the Pierre Pichot’s photo “Ghost_19” I thought, “Cool, that has a great dark mood, it’s kinda creepy”. The next time, “It seems very melancholy, I wonder who that is and what they are thinking”.  The next time, “It feels like there is a sense of foreboding, like something bad is about to happen”. Each time I saw something different, because I was feeling something different before I looked at the image.  The photographer has created a scene where it conveys a dark mood, but they have left enough to our imaginations for us to dream up a story. It is a powerful image, because it engages us, drawing on our emotions to complete the scene. …”

Check out the rest of the article at this link: Photographer of the Day: Pierre Pichot

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